Work can be stressful. Travel can be stressful. Traveling for work, then, is all but guaranteed to trigger stress. Finding ways to reduce this tension and beat stress during corporate travel can help you focus on what needs to get done. After all, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently take your frustration out on a co-worker…or worse, a client.

The easiest thing to do is take a break. If you have the time, stop and watch a movie, go out to eat or take a nap. It doesn’t have to be a long break: when you’re on a time crunch, take just a few minutes to browse the web for funny videos or check your social media sites. Even a quick pause might help relieve stress and perhaps even get your creative juices flowing.

If possible, refrain from conducting business in your hotel room. Instead, work in the business center or a nearby coffee shop. This way, your room can be reserved for relaxing efforts like exercising, doing yoga or meditating. At the very least, keep your work contained to the desk, leaving the bed free from clutter and promoting a restful night’s sleep.

Try to take your mind off your long day. Reward yourself, whether with a sweet or savory snack or the latest magazine or novel. Or talk to someone about what’s causing you stress. If you know someone willing to listen, it can be a great relief to get it all out.

The best way to beat stress is to avoid it whenever possible. Instead of dealing with the hassles of taxis and rental cars, contact Boston Corporate Coach and arrange for a driver.