No matter where your destination, one of the most exciting parts of traveling is getting to try out local restaurants. But there are some travelers who go a step beyond and look for chefs and restaurants that add a little creativity to their plate.

We call these adventurous eaters “foodies”, and this new list from OpenTable is made just for them.

OpenTable is an online service and app that let’s you search for the perfect restaurant, book a reservation, and leave a review all in one spot. They searched through their over 5 million reviews and 20,000 restaurants to come up with a list of the 100 Best Foodie Restaurants in America.

What’s great about the list is that it takes into consideration the opinions and experiences of thousands of diners, not just those of a few critics. Making it a pretty reliable resource for finding a great foodie restaurant on your next trip!

You can view the full list here, and for even more foodie restaurants, check out the 2014 list.

What’s your favorite foodie restaurant?