There are many benefits to hiring a limo or a car service for a night out. With a car service by Boston Corporate Coach™, you would not have to deal with traffic issues, directions or parking. Even more important than that, you would avoid driving under the influence and risking an accident, a hefty fine and possibly even jail time.

In 2010 (the latest figures available), alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 31% of the total vehicle traffic fatalities. Hiring a car service ahead of time will prevent you from having to make that judgment call at the end of the night and possibly becoming another statistic. Even if not legally drunk, you could be impaired enough to cause or be involved in an accident. Don’t take the risk.

Choosing a designated driver is one plan, as long as it works out. Can one of your friends or business associates be counted on to attend an event or night out on the town, without joining in for a few drinks? Arranging for a chauffeured car service before your night out will keep you from having to choose a designated driver and ensuring everyone in the party can enjoy themselves.

Whether you’re headed out for a big night on the town or an elegant banquet or just a few drinks at the bar, hire a car service to get you there and back safely and comfortably. Choose Boston Corporate Coach™ to be your designated driver. Visit our web site or call 800-664-4480 to arrange a safe night out.