Travel Like the President of the United States


When you think about the President of the United States, you’re probably considering his policies, stances on the issues, personality, and experience. At Boston Corporate Coach™, we’re obsessed about our Commander In Chief’s transportation. Take the highly modified presidential limousines, nicknamed “The Beast,” one of the most exclusive automobiles on the planet. It isn’t actually a Cadillac. Unlike any presidential state car before it, The Beast shares little in common with a standard production car. Its chassis, diesel engine, and transmission are based on those used GM’s rugged heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

The Beast’s defense capabilities include top-level ballistic armoring, night vision/infrared driving systems, a sealed cabin with an independent air supply capable of enduring a nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) attack, and even a supply of the President’s blood type. Other rumored features include infrared smokescreen and oil slick deployment capability, as well as tear gas dispensers, and, frankly, just about anything you or Tom Clancy can think of. All of this is in addition to a state-of-the-art communications connectivity system, including internet and secure telephone communications.

While we don’t have the Beast in our fleet, we do offer a choice of excellent vehicles designed to chauffeur you in style, whether for business or personal needs. You’ll feel like the President of the United States in any of our vehicles because they include outstanding amenities designed to make each passenger’s ride enjoyable. The plush seats, climate control features, and high-quality sound systems in our vehicles are included for additional comfort and convenience. Select vehicles also feature TVs, drinks and snacks. That’s why Boston Coach is the industry leader. Please call 800-664-4480 to make your reservations or visit You can also download the Boston Corporate Coach app on Apple or GooglePlay.