When visiting a foreign country it is a lot less stressful to use a chauffeured car service than to try to get around on your own. The convenience, affordability and comfort of a car service should be a priority when you travel.

You could rent a car. You would have the cost of the car, insurance, gas and/ or mileage plus the time you would spend familiarizing yourself not only with locations of places you plan to go but with the specific driving laws of the city you are visiting. Many foreign countries have different driving rules, some countries require road permits to drive on certain highways, strict seat belt laws and some even have maximum diving ages. Now, instead of stressing over getting lost, there are possible fines and jail time to consider. It can be a nightmare for a traveler.

There is the option of relying on public transportation. Taxi’s can be a mystery in unfamiliar territory. Are they legal, clean, honest, reliable, well-maintained and safe? Do you want to take that chance? With buses, subways or trains, you don’t have the benefit of door to door delivery, you operate on their schedule not yours and they can be overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Do yourself a favor and remove the ground travel stress from your next vacation or business trip abroad by hiring a chauffeured car service ahead of time and relax in the back. Boston Corporate Coach™ has the industry’s most extensive global service network, spanning 65 countries and 550 cities. Either call us at 800-664-4480 or visit our web site to make your reservations.