street with big clouds and on the street it says safety first in big bold letters5 Safety Standards You Need To Consider Before Hiring a Limousine Company

In light of the recent deadly crash of a limo in New York that killed 20 people, we at Boston Corporate Coach™ thought this would be a good time to share 5 safety standards you need to consider before hiring a limousine company.  Ready?

Safety #1: Professionally Trained Drivers
A professional limousine driver must hold a current driver identification card and a valid license for the class of vehicle he is driving. It may not be necessary, but customers can ask for a copy of an endorsement, employment record on file, or work permit. A defensive training certificate is also a plus.

Safety #2: Reliable Transportationteddy bear is safe with a seatbelty
Reputable Limousine Service Companies keep records of inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Ask about the company’s record keeping and make sure they are current. If not, skip the ride.

Safety #3: Safe Driving Policy/Standard
Passengers can check a driver’s employment and working history before getting in the car. You may also ask for the company’s rules and regulations that involve a specific driver’s duty status to see if it makes you feel comfortable or not.

Safety #4: Insurance
When it comes to safety, make sure the company you hire has adequate insurance. Limousine Service Companies must meet high safety standard before being issued a license. Ask for a copy along with the contract to make sure it is valid and current.

Safety #5: Sign a Contract
Always read your contract when hiring a Limousine Service Company. You should have a copy of the contract, licenses, and insurance. You may find it useful later on.

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