Apps can make life simpler. But there are so many, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The search to find a proven app to make your business trips run more smoothly can seem endless. Here are some of our favorite top apps for business travelers:

Enter your travel info and GateGuru becomes your pocket concierge, providing weather, flight status, car reservations and airport amenities. It even tracks travel statistics like number of miles flown and  airports visited. Available on Apple, Android, and Windows.

Forward your flight, car, and hotel reservation emails to TripIt and it will take care of the rest, creating custom itineraries and allowing you to share it with business associates, friends or family. Available on Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

WorldMate can create itineraries, sync with your calendar and even remind you when data is missing (for example, if you have not yet booked a hotel room for a leg of your trip or if you have booked a car service). Available on Apple, Android, and Windows.

If you’re in a new city and want to find a great local place to eat, stay or visit, Yelp can help. With over 36 million local reviews, this app helps you separate the good from the bad.  Available on Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Palm.

Keeping track of business cards, travel receipts and expense reports can become bulky. With TurboScan, the paperwork can simply be scanned into your phone as a pdf or JPEG and saved for future reference. Available on Apple.

The Wi-Fi Finder scans for public Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world, allowing you to turn off your mobile data and save you money. Available on Android.

Need to quickly and easily book a chauffeur? Boston Corporate Coach™ has it all, from cars and limousines to vans and party buses, giving you the ability to book any of the vehicles in their fleet with the swipe of a finger. Available on Apple.