Aside from public transportation like buses or subways, there are primarily two options for business travel: limousines like those offered by Boston Corporate Coach, and standard taxis.  They provide a similar service, but in markedly different ways.

First, there’s the experience: to cater to their upscale clientele, limos are highly maintained both on the interior and exterior, making the ride clean and comfortable. Taxis, on the other hand, are built for high passenger turnover, with little time to even empty the back seat before the next customer settles in.

Second, consider the drivers: Boston Corporate Coach™ chauffeurs are more likely to get clients where they need to be when time is of the essence, and they help with luggage for a less stressful experience. For the most part, cab drivers will pull up to the curb, drop off their passengers, then quickly leave in search of their next fare. Taxis simply don’t have the time for personalized service the way limo services do.

Finally, don’t underestimate the reputation-building mystique of a limo. Chauffeured services are more professional than arriving at a business meeting in a taxi. If traveling with clients, welcoming them into a spacious limousine impresses much more than a cramped cab.

The choice is clear: for business transportation, limousines are cleaner, offer more services and leave a better impression than taxis. To enjoy all that Boston Corporate Coach™ limos have to offer, make a reservation today by visiting the Boston Corporate Coach website or calling 800-664-4480.