Hiring a car service is not only an impressive alternative, but a better financial value than renting a car. When deciding between the two options, make sure you consider all the costs involved in the transaction.

For business purposes, a car service makes a better impression that a rental car. A chauffeured car projects a professional appearance and successful image. Plus, it can be a major time-saver for a busy executive. They can be much more productive while riding in comfort and style between meetings or trips to and from the airport.

It’s typically about the same price, if not cheaper to hire a car service as opposed to renting a car. Once you figure in the cost of the rental, high gas prices, mileage fees and insurance, the option of a chauffeured car service is very appealing. You can relax in the back instead of stressing about directions and worrying about the road and traffic conditions. With a car service, you can bypass the long lines and tedious procedures at car rental counters.

The next time you take a trip for business or pleasure, consider hiring a car service rather than getting a rental car, it makes more sense from a monetary and stress management vantage point. Boston Corporate Coach™ can be that car service. Visit our web site or call us at 800-664-4480 make a reservation.