Reasons Why You Should Use Chauffeured Services Abroad

When visiting a foreign country it is a lot less stressful to use a chauffeured car service than to try to get around on your own. The convenience, affordability and comfort of a car service should be a priority when you travel. You could rent a car. You would have the cost of the car, insurance, […]

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PostedApril 1, 2013
Things You Should Know About Airport Car Services

Before hiring a car service, you need to know if you are hiring the right car service. For trips to and from the airport, you’ll need a car service that is reliable and dependable, a car service with courteous, professional drivers, whose main focus is your comfort and peace of mind. You want a car service […]

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PostedMarch 31, 2013
What to Consider When Hiring a Chauffeur Service

When you are looking to hire a chauffeured car service, you need to look around and be aware of your options. Cost is not the most important factor to consider, but what you get for the price is everything to be considered. You get what you pay for, so the cheapest option may not be the […]

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PostedMarch 29, 2013
Benefits of Chauffeured Car Services

Chauffeurs are more than just drivers. They see to it that every facet of your car service experience goes above and beyond what is expected. A professional chauffeur is courteous, reliable, knowledgeable, dependable, well-trained and will consider your comfort and safety above all else. Your Boston car service begins in a properly maintained, clean car […]

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PostedMarch 27, 2013
Is Hiring A Chauffeur Just For The Rich and Famous?

The answer is no. People have come to realize the value in hiring a chauffeured Boston car service extends far beyond the cost of the service. Plus, chauffeured services have become more affordable as people have started using them for more than special occasions. Chauffeured car services offer many options to fit different budgets. Chauffeured […]

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5 Rules of a Professional Chauffeur

Yes, the main job of a professional chauffeur is to drive a car, preferably a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine, but the job is a lot more involved than that, especially if they want to capture lucrative repeat business. Never be late. A professional chauffeur will arrive early, repeat business and […]

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PostedMarch 25, 2013
Make Better Use of your Ground Travel Time

For your next business trip make better use of your ground travel time by hiring a Boston car service. Delegate the driving to Boston Corporation Coach and get some work done on your way to or from the airport or business meetings. Turn our backseat into your mobile office, freed from the distraction of the […]

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PostedMarch 23, 2013
Reasons to Travel Light

There are many good reasons to travel with just one carry-on bag. It can not only save you time and money, but your sanity as well.  That’s why Boston car service experts at Boston Corporate Coach will give you some reason to travel light. Most airlines charge fees these days for checked-in luggage, the more […]

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PostedMarch 21, 2013
Travel Agents Can Count on Boston Corporate Coach

Travel Agents can make worldwide ground transportation arrangements for their clients through Boston Corporate Coach and be assured that their clients’ comfort, safety and security are guaranteed. Our reliable customer service and global reach will make it easy for you to set up your clients’ car service needs. Whether you are making ground transportation arrangements […]

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PostedMarch 11, 2013
One Car Service to Cover All Your Needs

You have a big business trip coming up. You’ll be hitting ten different cities across the nation, visiting clients, taking meetings, making presentations and squeezing in two conventions while you are out. The best news is – you’ll only need to make arrangements through one car service. Although the name is Boston Corporate Coach, our […]

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PostedMarch 9, 2013