A Brief History of Limousine Companies and Chauffeured Rides

Everyone remembers their first ride in a limousine, but few know the history of limousine companies The history of limousine companies and chauffeured rides is rich, but few people know about it. “Limousine” comes from the word Limoges, a province in France. That’s where the first engine-powered limousine was developed back in 1902. These new […]

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PostedJune 17, 2018
More Dogs are Riding in the Lap of Luxury Today

American’s love their dogs, some so much that some insist their fur baby join them, even when riding in the lap of luxury Most Limo company’s welcome pets to ride with their owners in the lap of luxury. That’s not surprising when you consider that just last year, a total of about 89.7 million dogs lived […]

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8 Useful 8 Useful Travel Apps for Personal or Business Trips for Personal or Business Trips

You may have never heard about these apps, but they’ll defiantly make your life on the road a whole lot easier There are many travel apps today, but which ones do you need? We’ve put together a list of our top 8 travel apps designed to make your vacation or business trip one for the […]

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PostedJune 6, 2018
Private Car Service VS Uber

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Private Car Service Private car service vs Uber: choosing the right transportation is important, no matter the occasion. If you want to arrive in style, the best option is to hire a private car service. Here are 10 reasons why: Personal Safety When you hire a private car or limousine […]

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PostedMay 23, 2018
Boston Corporate Coach™, Official Sponsor of The Masters

We treat all our customers like 2018 Masters Champion, Patrick Reed Golf lovers know about the Masters Tournament, but they may not be aware that Boston Corporate Coach™ is an official sponsor of The Masters. That means Boston Corporate Coach™ is the preferred provider of transportation at the world’s most prestigious golf competition. But rest […]

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PostedMay 8, 2018
5 Things to Do in Boston in the Spring

Boston in the spring: the perfect time of year to enjoy the best of this dynamic city Does your bucket list include a visit to Boston in the spring? It should. After a harsh New England winter, the days are warm, the coffees are iced, and the cherry trees are all in full bloom. Plus, […]

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PostedMay 2, 2018
Easy Breathing and Meditation Exercises for the Busy Corporate Traveler

Reduce Stress to Work Smarter, Not Harder Stress can literally destroy your body and your life, so the development of a work-life balance for today’s on-the-go, constantly plugged in, tuned-in executive is a must. When equilibrium is the goal, the entire company may eventually benefit from the highest tier to entry level staff. Not to mention […]

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PostedMarch 2, 2018
How to Stay Comfortable on Long Corporate Bus or Car Rides

Traveling via corporate bus or car for long periods of time is sometimes arduous. You may have meetings to hold or prepare for, and work to do, so it’s not all fun and games on the road. Not to mention, being on a bus with 20-30 colleagues, even with earbuds can be a challenging feat, […]

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PostedFebruary 23, 2018
Our Top Ten Songs About Chauffeurs!

  Happy Valentine’s Day from Boston Corporate Coach! We have compiled a list of our top ten favorite songs that either include or talk about chauffeurs. The men and women who drive our fleet keep our customers on time and comfortable throughout their journeys no matter how short of long. 1. Long Black Limousine: Elvis […]

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PostedFebruary 14, 2018
How Mobile Offices Benefit Trade Shows and Events

Meeting coordination during events and trade shows can be challenging even if you are in your home city. When you attend them around the United States and internationally, even more challenges may arise. For example, you may not be very familiar with the city or know the quietest spots. Online searching will produce results, but […]

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PostedFebruary 9, 2018