Planning travel for one person is difficult enough, but when several people are traveling together, organizing itineraries and arranging group transportation can become exponentially more difficult. Consider the following tips to ensure at least the transportation portion of the trip is less stressful.

Do a headcount before making any reservations. You’d be surprised at how often there are last-minute changes simply because someone miscounted or made assumptions on who was and wasn’t coming.

Knowing the number of attendees will also help determine how much space you’ll need to book. Remember, there needs to be room not only for passengers but also their luggage. With a group, a limo service is likely a good option for space; otherwise everyone will be in separate cars and unable to interact.

Traveling executives are probably used to traveling in luxurious sedans while on business trips. If they’re used to that level of comfort, be sure to find a vehicle that offers only the best for both employees and clients alike. Shuttle buses, for example, would have the space you need, but aren’t exactly known for impressing clients or having quality amenities.

Accurate information is vital: you need to provide the proper itinerary to the company you choose, and in turn, you need that company to show up at the agreed-upon times. To keep things running smoothly and avoid potential misunderstandings, it’s a good idea to send and receive final confirmations electronically, so everyone has it in writing.

Choosing the right transportation can make or break your trip. AtBoston Corporate Coach™, we can help you determine the best choice for your group. Call us at 800-664-4480 to speak with a representative and ensure you’re making the right travel accommodations.




“I book car services for my company quite frequently and we always use Boston Coach. Their drivers are always friendly, professional, attentive and flexible. Their reservation staff is professional, friendly and they always greet me by name. Whether it’s a large group event requiring multiple Limo or Sprinter Coaches or just a sedan for airport drop off they have the vehicle we need and the top notch drivers to fulfill the request.”

C. Healey

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