Knowing how and what to pack is the first battle as far as traveling is concerned. Here are 5 packing tips for business trips from the Boston Corporate Coach travel experts.

1. Quality is Key

Right off the bat, invest in quality luggage, especially if you are a frequent traveler. It’s much better to invest the money now than to keep having to replace it after every trip because it didn’t hold up.
Look for a suitcase or carry-on with a specific compartment for your laptop. This not only helps keep you organized, but it protects your technology.

2. Pack Smart

A good rule of thumb to avoid over packing is to avoid packing in outfits. You don’t need a different blazer for every day of your trip. Instead, pack clothes that can all be worn together. Try to make sure that everything in you pack can be worn with at least three quarters of everything else in your bag.

3. Dress to Impress

If traveling for business, skip the sweats and flip-flops. You never know who you may run into or how quickly you may need to get to work after leaving the airport. Instead, find some comfortable dress pants and shirt made with wrinkle resistant materials. Avoid white as it shows dirt too easily. Shirts with dark colors and appropriate patterns tend to hold up the best.
If it’s too hot to wear a blazer on the plane, simply carry it over your arm. This way, you’re not only saving some room in your suitcase, you’re also prepared for anything.

4. Leave the Garment Bag at Home

Avoid bringing a garment bag with you if you can. It’s not always necessary and only adds to the amount of items you have to lug through the airport. Instead just pack everything in your suitcase with heavy items, such as shoes, on the bottom, and lighter items on the top. If wrinkles have you worried, call ahead to your hotel to inquire about complimentary pressing.

5. Bring Backup

Don’t forget to pack charges for your electronics and backup storage devices for anything important. It’s best to guarantee that your phone or other devices don’t die when you need them or risk losing important data. Always pack the charger with its device to ensure that they can be easily found.
If traveling overseas, be sure to be aware of the need to wall outlet adaptors. Before you leave, research the specific kind you will need based on your destination and the intended use.



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C. Healey

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