As fun as it can be, sometimes traveling can be confusing, stressful, or just downright exhausting.

Here are a few business traveling tips tips from the Boston Corporate Coach experts to make your next business traveling experience go a little bit smoother:

1. Pack Light

This is extremely important for many reasons. For one, the lighter you pack, the less you have to drag through a busy airport on the way to your gate. If at all possible, try to fit everything you need into a small carry-on or backpack. This way you’re not required to check any luggage (saving you time and money) and if it’s small enough, you can store it under your seat. Thus, saving you the hassle of having to wait your turn to get at the overhead compartment.

2. Bare Necessities

If you DO have to check a bag, be sure to pack your carry-on with the essentials: necessary toiletries (don’t bother with shampoo or soap if you are going to a hotel because they will have these for you), medications, change of clothes, and any important documents. This way, if your luggage is accidently lost for whatever reason, you are not without everything.

3. Outsmart Time-Zone Changes

If your travels are taking you into another time-zone, consider adjusting your body to them ahead of time while you are on the plane. This may mean forcing yourself to sleep the whole flight or asking the stewardess for an extra cup of coffee to stay awake. However, you’ll be happy you did if you can avoid the jet lag.

4. Travel Loyally

Often times, airlines will have some form of loyalty program. In the long run, sticking with one airline can save you money down the road and, if you travel a lot, it can help to have an established relationship should you need to request for specific accommodations.

5. Charge On

Many people sometimes forget that, if traveling overseas, that iPhone charger is not going to fit in that European outlet. Before you leave, make sure you purchase the correct wall outlet adaptor for the country you are traveling to. Many can easily be found in major department stores or online.





“I book car services for my company quite frequently and we always use Boston Coach. Their drivers are always friendly, professional, attentive and flexible. Their reservation staff is professional, friendly and they always greet me by name. Whether it’s a large group event requiring multiple Limo or Sprinter Coaches or just a sedan for airport drop off they have the vehicle we need and the top notch drivers to fulfill the request.”

C. Healey

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