Boston limo services can be an alternative driving solution for a number of different events and occasions, but have you ever considered using limo services for designated driving? Driving while under the influence causes approximately one-third of all traffic related deaths in the United States, all which could have been prevented. Rather than designate a driver on your night out on the town, hiring limo or car services can be your best option so that everyone can enjoy the night.

Professional limo services can meet you anytime, anywhere to take you to your destination, and pick you up from your destination at the end of the night. You can enjoy the evening inside of the limo, as well as at your favorite club without worrying about who is going to drive you home. Boston limo services make safety and customer service their priority to give you a night to remember.

Now you can enjoy your night with a few drinks rather than watch everybody else indulge while you drink water. Did you know that a driver is considered to be legally drunk when their blood alcohol content (BAC) level is at or above .08 grams per deciliter?; it only takes about 3 to 4 drinks to reach a BAC level of .08. So rather than take the chance of getting a DUI or getting involved in an accident, call a Boston limo services company.

Boston limo services also make it much easier to travel with friends without the hassle of taking separate cars or leaving your vehicle somewhere overnight. Your limo driver allows you to enjoy your night and ensures your safety throughout the evening so you arrive home without being harmed. You don’t want to wait until a dangerous situation arises to reserve limo services to solve the problems of driving under the influence.

Whether you are throwing a bachelorette party or you’re just having a night out on the town, if there is alcohol involved, call Boston limo services. You don’t want to be involved in a regrettable situation that revolves around drunk driving. Boston Corporate Coach offers limo services for you and your friends so you can take the worries out of choosing a designating a driver. Call us at 800-664-4480 to learn more about how our limo and car services work, and to make a car or limo reservation.



“I book car services for my company quite frequently and we always use Boston Coach. Their drivers are always friendly, professional, attentive and flexible. Their reservation staff is professional, friendly and they always greet me by name. Whether it’s a large group event requiring multiple Limo or Sprinter Coaches or just a sedan for airport drop off they have the vehicle we need and the top notch drivers to fulfill the request.”

C. Healey

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