There are many good reasons to travel with just one carry-on bag. It can not only save you time and money, but your sanity as well.  That’s why Boston car service experts at Boston Corporate Coach will give you some reason to travel light.

Most airlines charge fees these days for checked-in luggage, the more luggage you bring, the more it will cost you. Then of course they reward you with items disappearing from your bag or damaging the contents, if they don’t lose your bags altogether. So if you only have a carry-on bag you can avoid those fees and stress of lost bags or stolen property.

Having only the one carry-on bag makes you a lot more mobile and your schedule more flexible. You can easily change to an earlier flight if the possibility arises, or if you get bumped you don’t have to worry over whether your bags make the correct flight. Plus, it’s a lot easier getting around an airport with only one bag to tote around.

With only a carry-on, you have everything right with you. You have instant, easy access to anything and everything you need in one bag, when you need it.

You can save so much time by just having one bag for business or personal trips. You don’t have to waste time at check-in dealing with baggage. If you have to change flights during your trip, you don’t have to bother with re-checking luggage. You save time after the flight, just grab your carry-on and go instead of waiting around luggage carousels, hoping your luggage made the trip and survived intact. You are free to exit the airport and connect with your waiting Boston car service.




“I book car services for my company quite frequently and we always use Boston Coach. Their drivers are always friendly, professional, attentive and flexible. Their reservation staff is professional, friendly and they always greet me by name. Whether it’s a large group event requiring multiple Limo or Sprinter Coaches or just a sedan for airport drop off they have the vehicle we need and the top notch drivers to fulfill the request.”

C. Healey

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