Fast internet concept. Autonomous self driving vehicle car technology. Levitating business man on road using laptop to illustrate driverless carsDriverless cars: if the claims were to be believed, we would already be adapting to the new reality. And what a reality it’s supposed to be. Uber and others claim that we will forego our individual cars for the delights of being transported in driverless, shared-use electric vehicles reminiscent of the new dockless hire bikes you can find in big cities.

In truth, the concept is fraught with obstacles, not the least of which is the shortage of battery capacity in the world. Add everyone’s understandable hesitance about putting their lives in the hands of a computer and you’ll conclude that the future of driverless cars is very distant. In fact, according to an article in the Spectator, the dream of driverless cars is dying.

According to the article, in spite of billions of dollars being invested in driverless cars, autonomous cars will not hit the road anytime soon. The reality is that there are no driverless cars anywhere today, not even in Silicon Valley, in the sense of a vehicle that could be left to its own devices to navigate the road. Nearly all the ‘driverless’ cars on the roads have an operator on board to take over in the event of an error and these interventions are frequent.

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C. Healey

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