the word vacation written in the sand at a beach to show the things you should do every time you travelThere are certain things you should do every time you travel, whether you’re a seasoned world explorer or not. The key lies in fully experiencing various cultures and countries. After all, traveling is so much more than just visiting touristy highlights. While the must-see attractions are always fun, be sure to make the time for some of the little-known or less documented spots too. Read on for tips on making your vacation a memorable one.

  1. Get Tips from Locals
    It can be all too tempting to only hit the top tourist sites on your vacation. While keeping your safety in mind, try talking to locals. You can always ask your Boston Corporate Coach™ chauffeur for off-the-beaten-path recommendations, or do extensive pre-trip research.
  2. Go to Local Markets and Shops
    Put down the souvenir refrigerator magnet and slowly back away. Traveling is the perfect opportunity to scoop up some truly special items that will serve as mementos of your adventures. So, buy something you’ll cherish for years.
  3. Record New Memories
    Take photos. Recap your days in your diary. Afford yourself every ability to look back on this trip and remember the most wondrous of details, big and small. Just be sure not to spend too much time on Instagram. You’ll miss out on the adventures you wanted to remember in the first.
  4. Research Top Restaurants
    Yelp can be a total lifesaver when exploring a new place. Don’t let the real gems, or at least the truly authentic restaurants, evade you by only dining at five-star establishments.
  5. Take a day trip
    Make a point to arrange for a day trip to a nearby city or town. Often the most popular tourist destinations overshadow some equally worthy yet smaller nearby locales you may regret missing. Your Boston Corporate Coach chauffeur can help you decide where to go.
  6. Respect Local Customs
    Don’t repeat the “ugly American” stereotype. Before your trip, read up on essential phrases so you’re not clueless upon arrival. Most locals will appreciate your effort, even if you’re struggling.
  7. Be Spontaneous
    Spend an entire day with no set plans aside from exploring a neighborhood intimately. Set up transportation for a day with Boston Corporate Coach™ and stop and go as you please. Don’t set time constraints. Instead, allow yourself to amble about from morning until evening.
  8. Check out the Nightlife
    Whether or not you’re a night owl, a different energy settles over a city when the sun sets. Depending on the particular flavor of where you’re visiting, the nightlife might consist of live music in bars, huge, pulsing clubs, or candlelit cafés with plenty of wine to go around. Get dressed up and let Boston Corporate Coach™ be your designated driver.
  9. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone
    Eat something new. Try something different. Resist the temptation to plan, plan, plan. Whatever your comfort zone is, push yourself outside of it, even if it’s just an inch or two. A truly great and memorable trip will teach you something about yourself and may even change you a bit.
  10. Leave The Driving to Us
    Boston Corporate Coach™ is ready to make your ride unforgettable, so you can spend your vacation enjoying the experience in the backseat of our comfortable vehicles. We take great pride in providing outstanding transportation choices in all the places we service around the globe. Call 800-664-4480 to make your reservations or visit You can also download the Boston Corporate Coach app on Apple or GooglePlay.



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C. Healey

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