Chauffeur to VIPs reveals some of the extreme demands made by the rich and famous

wife and daughter in the back of SUV filled with balloons to show the back seat of a chauffeured vehicleWhen it comes to the backseat of a chauffeured vehicle, there’s a well-known phrase all transportation follow: ‘The customer is always right.’ When your customers are some of the richest people in the country like we service at Boston Corporate Coach, you have to go above and beyond to appease their every desire. Here are some examples:

  1. When the customer didn’t want to fly

A customer didn’t want to fly from London to Paris and instead asked us to chauffeur him from London to Paris instead. He spent two nights there before we headed back to London again in a Boston Corporate Coach vehicle. It’s certainly not the fastest way to travel but they wanted to arrive in the car to make an entrance. It’s also not the cheapest, as the customer also had to cover the cost of the driver’s hotel and meals.

  1. Making exemptions for pets 

One customer was flying across country with her dog but didn’t want to put her beloved pet in the cargo hold. Instead, she hired Boston Corporate Coach to drive her poodle from Los Angeles to New York in our Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

  1. A “high” roller

A customer wanted to surprise a friend on their birthday and requested we fill up our Cadillac Escalade with as many helium balloons as possible (that’s A LOT of balloons!), ready for when he arrived at the pick-up location. Of course, the friend’s wife and child were with the balloons, adding to the surprise, just like the image above. The idea being that when the chauffeur opened the door the balloons would fly out, followed by the friend’s family. We pulled it off without a hitch!

  1. ‘I’ve got things to do.’ 

We had a client who flew in on his private jet who requested a chauffeur and Mercedes S-Class be on standby so he could get all of his errands and meetings completed in style. Some 26 hours and two chauffeur shifts later, he was grateful for our services and flew home again.

When it comes to transportation, whether business or personal, what happens in the backseat of a chauffeured vehicle stays in the backseat of a chauffeured vehicle. Especially when you contact the industry leader, Boston Corporate Coach™. Please call 800-664-4480 to make your reservations or visit You can also download the Boston Corporate Coach app on Apple or GooglePlay.



“I book car services for my company quite frequently and we always use Boston Coach. Their drivers are always friendly, professional, attentive and flexible. Their reservation staff is professional, friendly and they always greet me by name. Whether it’s a large group event requiring multiple Limo or Sprinter Coaches or just a sedan for airport drop off they have the vehicle we need and the top notch drivers to fulfill the request.”

C. Healey

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