Antique limos to show Facts About LimousinesEverybody knows what a limo is but there are at least 4 interesting and funny facts about limousines that you probably aren’t aware of. Since limousines have been around almost for a century now, they’ve accumulated quite a history including:

  • Back in 1902, the Driver Seat was Outside the Main Compartment
    Automobile limousines were originally built back in 1902. At first, limousines were considered a luxury only the upper class could enjoy. The driver seat was in the front of the car, outside the main compartment. The only thing that protected the chauffeur from rough weather was a covered sunroof. The chauffeur must have frozen in the winter!
  • The Origin of the Name “Limousine”
    The name limousine originated from Limoges, a province in France. That’s where the first engine-powered limousine was developed back in 1902. These new cars got their name due to their unique vehicle design. The driver, or chauffeur, sat outside in a covered compartment that resembled the cloak hood worn by the people of the province. The name has not changed since, however, an abbreviation for limousine—”limo”—has become very popular.
  • Limousines Were the First Cars to Adopt Air Conditioning
    Modern air conditioning was first built by the New York-based Packard Motor Car Company in 1939 specifically for New York and Chicago limousines and luxury automobiles. The first air-conditioned car was released the following year. Air conditioning was optional back then, costing an additional $274 for those who wanted to install it. The system, however, was not very efficient. It took about half the space in the trunk and did not have a way to measure the temperature. Still, air conditioners were installed into luxury limousines around 20 years before the mass production of sedan cars.
  • A 100 foot long Lincoln, the Longest Limousine According to the Guinness Book of Records
    In 1997, the longest limo was manufactured in California for advertising purposes. The gigantic limo was equipped with its own Jacuzzi hot tub, two fax machines, and four televisions. Because of its size, the limousine had 26 wheels and featured two driver cabins: one in the front and one in the back. That’s because for this limo to turn, the middle part was split and hinged, folding when a turn was made. The 100 ft giant made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest limousine and its record has not been beaten since.

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