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Workaholics can argue all they want, but you have to admit: you need to take a summer vacation this year–it is essential. Think about it.  Some of your best memories have to do with summer vacations. And for 2019, there are so many ways to enjoy the world. Here are some of the most popular vacation trends today:

  1. Adventure Therapy – Combines adventure with fun personal development
  2. Sense of Purpose Vacation – Giving guests a purpose during their vacation
  3. Experiences over Objects – Some of the most popular experiences allow visitors to touch on their passion like meditation, horseback riding, sunsets.
  4. Food Tourism – Travelers looking to experience the food fusions that reflect the modern culture of the destination
  5. Spontaneous Travel – Travelers want websites that cull the knowledge of experienced travelers and let them know where they should go and how.
  6. Tech Detox – In an increasingly connected world, more and more travelers are wanting to ditch their devices and get off-the-grid for a tech detox.
  7. Wellness Travel – Medical tourism is a burgeoning field
  8. Insta-Tourism – Inspired by Instagram, seeing real people travel and take real snapshots of their destinations seems to be much more trustworthy for travelers today than looking through brochures or online sales pitches.
  9. DNA Trips – Aka ‘ancestral tourism’ is on the rise, with companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry taking a hold on the travel market with their DNA-based travel opportunities.
  10. Book festivals/literary travel– Travel based on your favorite book, author or book festival.

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C. Healey

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