5 Packing Tips for Business Trips

Knowing how and what to pack is the first battle as far as traveling is concerned. Here are 5 packing tips for business trips from the Boston Corporate Coach travel experts. 1. Quality is Key Right off the bat, invest in quality luggage, especially if you are a frequent traveler. It’s much better to invest […]

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PostedMarch 30, 2015
Comfort Takes to the Skies

Our Boston Corporate Coach travel experts give the low down on the new American Airlines upgrades and amenities so you can fly in comfort to your next destination. American Airlines recently announced the new upgrades being made to their fleet. Among the upgrades, the best news for business travelers would have to be their new […]

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PostedSeptember 25, 2013
David Ortiz Children’s Fund Gala Brings Dominican Flavor to Boston

On September 16th, the Inaugural David Ortiz Children’s Fund Gala will take place in the renowned Four Seasons Ballroom. The gala will be a spectacular night of drinks, dancing, amazing food, and, of course, raising money and awareness for a fantastic cause. Boston Corporate Coach can get you there in style. The David Ortiz Children’s Fund […]

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PostedSeptember 13, 2013
Boston’s New Ice Bar

As of August 30th, the world’s largest ice bar now resides in Boston, Massachusetts at Faneuil Hall. ‘The Frost Ice Bar’ is titled with its name for appropriate reasons as almost everything inside is constructed and furnished with huge blocks of ice. The bar is also kept fairly cold at 21 degrees Fahrenheit, so make […]

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PostedSeptember 10, 2013
5 Money Saving Tips for Business Trips

Traveling isn’t always cheap. And when you’re frequently having to jet off somewhere for a meeting or other work related event, it can start to add up pretty quickly. Our Boston Corporate Coach travel experts are here to give you 5 money saving tips for business trips: 1. Knowledge is Power Luggage fees can be […]

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PostedSeptember 5, 2013
Delta Raises the Bar

In an effort to increase traveler satisfaction and comfort, Delta recently added ‘Sky Decks’ to their list of services. Opening first in JFK International Airport and in the international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the new Sky Decks offer a new take on the typical airline lounge usually found in a windowless room and […]

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PostedSeptember 2, 2013
International Travel Growing

With so many businesses becoming international, travel has become a vital part of the business world. A report by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently released stated that, companies and individuals will spend over 1 trillion dollars on business trips this year. This is the most ever spent in comparison to previous years and […]

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PostedAugust 20, 2013
Avoid Multitasking to Get More Done

In today’s world, it’s a foregone conclusion that everyone multitasks, revelling in their ability to do so. This is especially true of professionals, who rely on their multitasking skills to get through the day. Believe it or not, multitasking is not only bad for your health but, according to research, almost impossible to do well. […]

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PostedJuly 29, 2013
Arranging Group Transportation

Planning travel for one person is difficult enough, but when several people are traveling together, organizing itineraries and arranging group transportation can become exponentially more difficult. Consider the following tips to ensure at least the transportation portion of the trip is less stressful. Do a headcount before making any reservations. You’d be surprised at how […]

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PostedJuly 25, 2013
6 Ways Social Media Has Transformed Corporate Travel

No one can deny the huge impact technology has on society. Social media has affected everything, from the way we order food, communicate, and even the way we travel. Let’s face it; so much can now be done with social media that it has even transformed corporate travel. How exactly? #1 – Social media gives […]

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PostedJuly 14, 2013