Boston Corporate Coach™ Introduces New Eco-Friendly Vehicles To The Fleet

Boston Corporate Coach™ is helping reduce our carbon footprint by providing clients with premier eco-friendly chauffeured car services. Boston Corporate Coach™, known for excellence in the chauffeured car service industry, has introduced a line of eco-friendly vehicles that aims to reduce carbon emissions while improving energy efficiency. It’s been a goal for the company to […]

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PostedJuly 12, 2013
Boston Corporate Coach™ Acquires Limo Company in Hong Kong, China

Boston Corporate Coach™ will now be serving customers traveling from Hong Kong to Mainland China Boston Corporate Coach™, the leading provider of luxury chauffeured car and limo services throughout the globe, is excited to announce their acquisition of a car service company in Hong Kong, China. With the newly acquired company, Boston Corporate Coach™ is […]

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PostedJuly 9, 2013
Beat Stress During Corporate Travel

Work can be stressful. Travel can be stressful. Traveling for work, then, is all but guaranteed to trigger stress. Finding ways to reduce this tension and beat stress during corporate travel can help you focus on what needs to get done. After all, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently take your frustration […]

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PostedJune 12, 2013
The Difference Between a Chauffeur and a Driver

What is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver? In many cases, the terms ‘chauffeur’ and ‘driver’ are used interchangeably, which can lead to confusion. Both describe people whose primary responsibility is making sure their guests arrive at their destination safely and on time. The biggest difference between the two? At Boston Corporate Coach™, […]

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PostedJune 11, 2013
Why Choose Boston Corporate Coach™ Limos over Taxis for Business Transportation

Aside from public transportation like buses or subways, there are primarily two options for business travel: limousines like those offered by Boston Corporate Coach, and standard taxis.  They provide a similar service, but in markedly different ways. First, there’s the experience: to cater to their upscale clientele, limos are highly maintained both on the interior and […]

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PostedMay 21, 2013
Ways to Save Money on Your Business Trip

Travel is a necessary part of doing business, particularly if meeting important clients or attending crucial conferences. But between getting to your destination, lodging, and meals, not to mention getting around once you’ve arrived, it can get expensive. If you’re looking to lower your expenses,we can help with our special traveling tips. When flying, bring your […]

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PostedMay 18, 2013
Top Restaurants in Boston For a Business Lunch

In a bustling city like Boston, there are restaurants galore. But how do you know which eatery is ideal not just to enjoy a good meal but also to take a client or catch up with co-workers?We have you covered, and while you’re at it, you can call us for car services to escort you […]

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PostedMay 15, 2013
How Technology Has Improved Boston Corporate Coach™ Limo Services

Using Boston Corporate Coach™ limo services does more than just get you from point A to point B. Technological advances give you peace of mind that you’ll reach your destination smoothly, with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. Before you even step foot into the limo, Boston Corporate Coach™’s e-Reservation service makes bookings a breeze, letting you […]

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PostedMay 8, 2013
Top Apps for Business Travelers

Apps can make life simpler. But there are so many, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The search to find a proven app to make your business trips run more smoothly can seem endless. Here are some of our favorite top apps for business travelers: Enter your travel info and GateGuru becomes your pocket concierge, […]

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PostedMay 5, 2013
Business Executives Need Vacations Too

There have been many surveys and studies done pointing out that a vacation is not only good for your health but your business as well. They provide a necessary break from a rigorous work schedule and go a long way toward alleviating stress. A vacation is probably the simplest form of stress relief. When you […]

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PostedMay 2, 2013