How Technology Has Improved Boston Corporate Coach™ Limo Services

Using Boston Corporate Coach™ limo services does more than just get you from point A to point B. Technological advances give you peace of mind that you’ll reach your destination smoothly, with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. Before you even step foot into the limo, Boston Corporate Coach™’s e-Reservation service makes bookings a breeze, letting you […]

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PostedMay 8, 2013
Top Apps for Business Travelers

Apps can make life simpler. But there are so many, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The search to find a proven app to make your business trips run more smoothly can seem endless. Here are some of our favorite top apps for business travelers: Enter your travel info and GateGuru becomes your pocket concierge, […]

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PostedMay 5, 2013
Business Executives Need Vacations Too

There have been many surveys and studies done pointing out that a vacation is not only good for your health but your business as well. They provide a necessary break from a rigorous work schedule and go a long way toward alleviating stress. A vacation is probably the simplest form of stress relief. When you […]

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PostedMay 2, 2013
Essential Factors of VIP Ground Transportation Services

It’s important to check out car services ahead of time to ensure you will get all the service you require from a VIP car service. You want to find the one car service that will cater to all your needs whether locally, nationally or internationally. You’ll want a VIP car service that is flexible. A VIP car […]

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PostedApril 30, 2013
Top New York City Wine Bars

On your next trip to New York City, take a Boston Corporate Coach™ limo out after your business meeting and enjoy some of these top New York City wine bars. Sweet Revenge This cozy dessert and wine bar offers wine and artisan cupcake pairings. With unusual flavor combinations and gourmet ingredients, these aren’t your everyday cupcakes. […]

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PostedApril 28, 2013
Avoid These Travel Disasters On Your Next Trip

The best thing you can do to ensure your next trip is a success is to plan ahead. Whether you are traveling with Boston Corporate Coach™ for business or pleasure, pre-planning can mean the difference between a great time or a disaster. There is a big push these days to travel light, but make sure you […]

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PostedApril 26, 2013
Never Drive While Under The Influence

There are many benefits to hiring a limo or a car service for a night out. With a car service by Boston Corporate Coach™, you would not have to deal with traffic issues, directions or parking. Even more important than that, you would avoid driving under the influence and risking an accident, a hefty fine and […]

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PostedApril 6, 2013
Ways to Relax After Your Business Meetings

Relaxation is key to managing stress. Business travel and meeting schedules can be hectic so make sure you take time out to relax and de-stress on your next business trip. The first step is to hire good a good chauffeur service. Have someone else deal with the traffic hassles and finding your hotel, while you […]

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PostedApril 5, 2013
Why You Should Hire Car Services Instead of Renting a Car

Hiring a car service is not only an impressive alternative, but a better financial value than renting a car. When deciding between the two options, make sure you consider all the costs involved in the transaction. For business purposes, a car service makes a better impression that a rental car. A chauffeured car projects a professional […]

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PostedApril 4, 2013
How Chauffeured Services Can Improve Your Image

How you present yourself and your company in today’s business climate can mean the difference between success and failure. One way to easily represent your company as successful and professional is the use of chauffeured services. Impress a prospective client by arriving in a chauffeured car service for a meeting. That one act will not only […]

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PostedApril 2, 2013