A Brief Look at the Future of the Limo Industry

All hail: Transportation demand from individual consumers and corporate clients will continue to rise The future of the limo industry looks excellent as the number of people looking for quality limo services increases substantially. According to the Taxi and Limousine Services industry, which provides a range of nonregular transportation services through vehicles such as taxicabs, limousines, and luxury […]

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PostedSeptember 5, 2018
4 Interesting and Humorous Facts About Limousines

Everybody knows what a limo is but there are at least 4 interesting and funny facts about limousines that you probably aren’t aware of. Since limousines have been around almost for a century now, they’ve accumulated quite a history including: Back in 1902, the Driver Seat was Outside the Main Compartment Automobile limousines were originally […]

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PostedAugust 28, 2018
Chauffeur Tipping Guide

As the industry leader in chauffeured transportation around the world, we at Boston Corporate Coach™ are asked all the time about tipping. Should you tip your chauffeur?  If so, how much? If you’re among the many who worry about tipping while waiting for your chauffeur, fret no more. Below, we present vital information about limousine […]

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PostedAugust 23, 2018
10 Major Trends In Business Travel

Business travel, before you go, listen up! Here are 10 major trends you need to be aware of: More bleisure travel Business travelers are extending business trips into mini vacations, as long as their company’s travel policy allows it. Mobile booking on the rise 79% of mobile travelers completed a booking on their smartphones in […]

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PostedAugust 8, 2018
How to Prevent Limo Scams

Buyer beware: here are the 4 most common limo scams Even though there are a great number of perfectly honest, trustworthy and responsible transportation companies across the country, customers can still be caught off guard with limo scams. Why is this industry susceptible to scams?  Because limousines are typically hired sight unseen leaving a relatively […]

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PostedAugust 1, 2018
How to Prevent Travel Fatigue

Whether traveling for pleasure or for business, follow these 6 steps A bout of travel fatigue can be just as bad as the flu when it comes to enjoying your vacation or making your business trip a success. Luckily, there are ways to cure the “illness” that don’t involve medicating or drinking three pots of coffee […]

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PostedJuly 24, 2018
Driverless Cars: On The Road To Nowhere Soon?

Driverless cars: if the claims were to be believed, we would already be adapting to the new reality. And what a reality it’s supposed to be. Uber and others claim that we will forego our individual cars for the delights of being transported in driverless, shared-use electric vehicles reminiscent of the new dockless hire bikes […]

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PostedJuly 17, 2018
Boston Named #1 Summer Vacation Destination in the United States and Boston Corporate Coach Services Wants to Show You Why

Boston Corporate Coach Services Know What’s Hot This Summer According to a new report from U.S. News & World Report, Boston ranks #1 as the Best summer vacation destination in the USA.  Worldwide, Boston ranks #3 behind only Paris and Florence, Italy. Boston Corporate Coach Services is here to show you who Boston is the […]

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PostedJuly 13, 2018
Women Call Out Uber Drivers Who Creep Them Out

More and more women today call out Uber drivers who creep them out. Think about it. Anyone can drive for Uber. Weren’t we all told as children NOT to get in cars with strangers? Yet, here we are, doing that exact thing. Reddit user pennyandthejets posted a story about her experience with an Uber driver who asked […]

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PostedJuly 9, 2018
Top Wedding Transportation Trends

When it comes to your big day, make sure your wedding transportation is handled with the care it deserves A bride shouldn’t have to worry about wedding transportation on her big day. With the growing popularity of destination wedding, brides have enough to worry about. Still, the changing preferences in weddings have paved the way […]

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PostedJune 20, 2018